Have You Thought About All Your Cancer Treatment Options?

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CAR T-cell therapy is a type of genetically-modified autologous T-cell immunotherapy 3, which means a person’s own immune system is used to combat the cancer.

The statistics of how rampant cancer is in our modern society are no secret, with millions dying from its effects each year. There are success stories, of many that make it through diagnosis, treatment and into remission and continue to live long and happy lives. While there are many factors that contribute to the mutation of cells that cause abnormal growth, some are environmental and lifestyle-related, and others are genetic or out of our control. Advancements in medical and scientific research have provided a plethora of information, data and suggestions on how to best navigate life to prevent cancer, as well as how to best handle it should there be a diagnosis. Many types of cancer exist, as there are many organs and possible origins of the abnormalities to begin forming. For as many types of cancer, there are a great number of treatment options available too.

Natural treatments are seemingly endless, as there’s an infinite amount of herbs, roots, spices, lifestyle choices and diet changes that can be made in order to reverse cancer and its effects, especially if caught in early stages.

Natural treatment options such as CBD oil, turmeric root, consuming organic produce, removing harsh chemicals from the diet, following a relaxation and exercise regime to reduce stress and keep the body moving and energy flowing, among many other paths are some that have worked for cancer survivors in the past to fully reverse the signs and symptoms. Naturopaths and holistic medical professionals are some that practice these treatment methods and it’s best to consult a range of opinions for a full view of options. 

Medical treatments have advanced in their effectiveness over the recent years, as well as in reductions of harsh side effects in some forms. Chemo and radiation are two popular choices, though their rates of success are not stellar, and the effects on the body are very hard on most that opt for these routes of treatment.

Other medical options are ones such as CAR T-Cell therapy. It’s relatively new still, and in its earlier time on the market by comparison to other forms, but is proving to be quite effective, as it utilizes the person’s own immune system to reprogram T-cells to identify certain types of cancerous cells that contain a certain targeted molecule. Currently, this type of therapy is available to treat a small portion of cancers, with more targeted for FDA approval, so that millions can benefit from this variety of treatment.

Cancer treatments have come a long way, and still have some progress to go before being fully and widely usable for the full patient population to receive the benefits of this promising treatment option. Like many things in life, there may be a variety of right solutions for such a big problem, and these solutions can vary by person. What works for one may not work for another, but collectively, progress and good health can be achieved for all. Science and humanity go hand in hand, and it takes an endless amount of dedicated scientists, researchers, medical professionals and so many more to provide effective and gentler treatments wherever possible.

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