Learning About CBD Salve And Other CBD Products

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If I could stock my pantry and bathrooms from top to bottom with CBD products I would, but I think the hubby would be unimpressed with having no space to store his junk, and some might frown upon the fact that I am trying to hoard surplus supplies-which I would be for my benefit in years to come.

By the time I hit 50, I’ll be running pain-free like a youngster, well almost. For sure I won’t be flaring up or waking up with stiff joints, muscles that seem to have frozen in position overnight or taking chemical-filled medicines to deal with any chronic pains.

CBD has changed my whole outlook when it comes to putting things into and onto our bodies, pesticides from produce grown too quickly, or harmful toxins and additives pumped into packages to increase their shelf life 3 fold is not something I take joy in.

My husband and I never used to bother with turning over bottles and boxes to read the labels, check the manufacturing origins, or scan the ingredients list, now I know why. The long list of 10-letter words would put anyone off, who would even know what those words are or mean, if the ingredients are safe for human consumption with no negative side effects, or if you were even Harming animals or the environment from testing?

Take a look at this link for a quick guide to knowing what you’re looking at and what it all means, knowing a little about something is better than knowing a lot about nothing, as my husband likes to quote when the opportunity presents itself. 

Things, I’m happy to say, have done a complete turn-around. We grow most of our food in the back garden, eat as wholesome as possible, and have imprinted into our brains and thinking an organic mindset for the future. 

5 CBD products are readily available.

There are new and innovative ways coming out all the time with regards to implementing CBD into your lifestyle, some more successful than others I’ll admit, but if you don’t try you will never know, am I right?

  • Edibles. These come in every shape, size, and variety imaginable and you don’t need to feel pressure to bulk buy. If you are out strolling one evening and it’s been a long day after a manic week, popping into a CBD product selling store is just the answer you need. Shelves lined with jars of all sorts it’s like being a kid in a candy shop, only better.

Whether it be gummies, cookies, or even better the decadent chocolate brownies you see stacked up on plates in store, there is something to suit everyone’s taste buds. Have a browse at some images to get the inspiration flowing about which CBD treats you’ll want to try first.

  • Oils. Probably the most versatile of the range, added into meals, for pets as well as yourself, a few drops under the tongue, or infused into a hot cup of tea to enjoy the best of both worlds. They come in small to large size dropper bottles with a varied dosage concentration for each.
  • Tablets or capsules. For those of us who are constantly on the run, similar to popping a vitamin in the morning except with the bonus of being wildly beneficial. Not only for minerals and amino acids but targeting any inflammation within the body and releasing a calmer state of being.
  • Vape solution. No one is making you give up smoking, this simply gives you an alternative method for putting your vape to your mouth, usually out of habit, for a fruity flavor. You rather get something in return for your actions, a regulated mental state, and improved well-being.
  • Topical. Whether it be a tube or a tub you have the convenience of these smaller sized products to keep to hand in your bag, check out Cheefbotanicals.com for some guidance of the varieties available. Smaller amounts with higher concentrations, win-win.

The main objective is not to try everything at once but to go with your gut about which appeals to you and that you are most likely to use it. 

Simply giving it a go is all anyone can ask, be the better version of yourself, you deserve it.


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