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Lung Cancer – Old Therapy Used More Effectively

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“Accurately mapping the extent of tumors in the lungs is one of the biggest challenges in treating lung cancer patients…”

You’ve been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Your world has been shattered. Conventional oncology offers little hope of a cure for lung cancer diagnosed in advanced stages. What do you do?

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Think outside the box. Think beyond what is offered by conventional oncology. Or, to look at it another way, take a standard-of-care chemotherapy regimen and make it better.

The study discussed in the article linked and excerpted below talks about the typical conundrum of conventional oncology. A potent chemotherapy, paclitaxel, that causes serious short and long-term side effects. The kind of side effects that can force the patient to alter the course of his or her treatment.

The study however, may offer hope. It may be possible to administer this potent chemotherapy at a much lower dose with the same efficacy. Further, consider integrative therapies, antioxidant supplementation that have shown the ability to increase the efficacy of paclitaxel while reducing the chemotherapy’s toxicity.

I am both a cancer survivor and cancer coach. For more information about both conventional and non-conventional therapies for lung cancer scroll down the page, post a question and I will reply ASAP.

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Researchers kill drug-resistant lung cancer with 50 times less chemo

The cancer drug paclitaxel just got more effective. For the first time, researchers have packaged it in containers derived from a patient’s own immune system, protecting the drug from being destroyed by the body’s own defenses and bringing the entire payload to the tumor…

Paclitaxel is a potent drug used in the United States as a first- and second-line treatment for breast, lung and pancreatic cancers. It can have serious and unpleasant side effects…

“Accurately mapping the extent of tumors in the lungs is one of the biggest challenges in treating lung cancer patients,” said Batrakova. “Our results show how powerful exosomes can be as both a therapeutic and a diagnostic.”

Integrative cancer treatment may have a survival benefit in patients with lung cancer

“Integrative oncology is being increasingly adopted in mainstream cancer care to strengthen anticancer effects and to control cancer-related symptoms.

The objective of this study is to identify the characteristics of patients with lung cancer treated at an integrative cancer center in Korea and to determine the effects of integrative cancer treatment (ICT) on survival outcome in traditional Korean medicine (TKM)…

A total of 91 patients were included, and the majority had advanced-stage cancer. Of those patients, 45.1% were in the mono-TKM group and 39.6% were integrative group. Patients with advanced stage had significantly higher mortality than patients with early stage (crude hazard ratio [HR]: 4.41, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.56–12.5; adjusted HR: 6.31, 95% CI: 1.24–32.1). In the unadjusted model, for patients in the integrative group, the mortality rate was reduced by 50% compared to mono-TKM group with statistical significance. After adjusting confounders, the mortality rate of integrative group was reduced by 6% compared to mono-TKM group, suggesting positive effect on survival probability of integrative group.

The results suggest that integration of TKM and conventional cancer treatment may have survival benefits in patients with lung cancer. Even though this study has limitations including heterogeneity between treatment groups, the study results suggest that ICT has positive effect on survival probability. To clarify the impacts of ICT for lung cancer and other cancers on survival outcome, further prospective study with a rigorous study design is required in multiclinical setting…”

Curcumin increases the sensitivity of Paclitaxel-resistant NSCLC cells to Paclitaxel through microRNA-30c-mediated MTA1 reduction

“Non-small-cell lung cancer is one of the most lethal cancers in the worldwide. Although Paclitaxel-based combinational therapies have long been used as a standard treatment in aggressive non-small-cell lung cancers, Paclitaxel resistance emerges as a major clinical problem.

It has been demonstrated that Curcumin from Curcuma longa as a traditional Chinese medicine can inhibit cancer cell proliferation. However, the role of Curcumin in Paclitaxel-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer cells is not clear.

In this study, we investigated the effect of Curcumin on the Paclitaxel-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer cells and found that Curcumin treatment markedly increased the sensitivity of Paclitaxel-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer cells to Paclitaxel.

Mechanically, the study revealed that Curcumin could reduce the expression of metastasis-associated gene 1 (MTA1) gene through upregulation of microRNA-30c in Paclitaxel-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer cells. During the course, MTA1 reduction sensitized Paclitaxel-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer cells and enhanced the effect of Paclitaxel.

Taken together, our studies indicate that Curcumin increases the sensitivity of Paclitaxel-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer cells to Paclitaxel through microRNA-30c-mediated MTA1 reduction. Curcumin might be a potential adjuvant for non-small-cell lung cancer patients during Paclitaxel treatment…”


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Dave Clayton says 7 years ago

So how does paclitaxel compare to taxol in success rate, side effects, etc.

    David Emerson says 7 years ago

    Hi Dave-

    Your answer depends on the cancer, stage, initial diagnosis or relapse?

    David Emerson

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