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MRD After Induction- ASCT?

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If you have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM) and you undergo bortezomib (velcade), lenalidomide (revlimid) and dexamethasone (VRd) according to the study linked below, you have a 29% chance of reaching minimal residual disease negative (MRD) status.

If you reach MRD- status after your induction therapy, the question you have to ask yourself, your caregiver and your oncologist is “will more chemotherapy give me a higher quality of life and a longer length of life (longer overall survival)?

The answer to the first part of this question has got to be no. More toxicity will almost certainly cause more short, long-term and late stage side effects which usually means a reduced quality of life.

The answer to the second question, will more therapy mean a longer overall survival, can only be answered by evidence-based research. My understanding is that once a MM patient reaches MRD- status, he/she then has the greatest chances for the longest length of life aka OS.

Conventional oncology makes a lot of money from autologous stem cell transplants. Your oncologist may resist the idea of you not having an ASCT.

But if you reach MRD- after induction therapy only, my belief is that you are doing well. More toxicity may not help and it certainly can hurt.

FYI- Minimal Residual Disease Negative (MRD-) is defined as one (bad) myeloma cell per one million (1,000,000) normal (good) bone marrow cells. 

One bad cell for every million good cells is a tiny amount of MM in your blood. More toxic chemotherapy has not been shown to improve the average overall survival rates. MM patients don’t live longer on average, if they undergo more chemotherapy after they reach MRD- status.

The key to overall survival, in my experience, are the many evidence-based, non-toxic therapies that you can follow after you reach MRD- status.

To learn more about evidence-based, non-toxic therapies shown to be cytotoxic (kill) multiple myeloma, scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply to you ASAP.

Hang in there,

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

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