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Immunotherapy, Hyperprogressive Disease & Lung Cancer

The therapy backfires in a newly defined subset of lung cancer patients who experience accelerated tumor growth indicative of hyperprogressive disease  All toxic therapies have short, long-term and late

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Lung Cancer- “Significant Improvement…”

“We were encouraged by the findings overall,” “And that advanced lung cancer patients undergoing treatment are not too sick to participate in a behavioral supportive intervention…” A

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Where you Treat Your Lung Cancer Makes a Difference!

Lung Cancer Patients treated at academic centers also had a lower risk of death;4-year Overall Survival rates were 25% and 19% among patients treated at academic and non-academic centers, respectively Where

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Lung Cancer Blood Testing – Predict Relapse-

“When lung cancer (LC) is caught in its earliest stages, before the tumors have spread to other organs…for many, outcomes are good. Through treatment, lung cancer can be cured… Yes, early

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Re-Sensitize, Enhance Sensitivity of Lung Cancer to Chemotherapy

Curcumin sensitizes lung cancer (LC) to cisplatin, disulfiram re-sensitizes lung cancer to cisplatin- both non-conventional therapies increase the efficacy of lung cancer to cisplatin… Einstein supposedly

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Lung Cancer Metastasized to Brain- Pencil Proton Therapy?

So I signed up to undergo 28 separate daily treatments with Pencil Proton Therapy for my brain tumor. I will receive a total of 50 Grays after all the treatments are completed. Hi David: Thanks for your

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Fish Oil, Lung Cancer Response by 60%

“Adding fish oil resulted in a greater response rate at 60% compared with 25.8% with the SOC…Overall survival at 1 year trended toward improvement with fish oil compared with SOC” If

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Less is More- Stage III Lung Cancer

“For patients with stage III non-small-cell lung cancer, standard-dose chemoradiation therapy is better than high-dose treatment, with higher five-year overall survival rates” You’ve

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Elderly Lung Cancer- Worse Therapy Outcomes

“physicians should be cautious when monitoring the effects of therapy in elderly lung cancer patients because of an increased incidence of severe toxicity” It is not just elderly lung cancer

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Lung Cancer- Risk VTE, Early Mortality-

“Patients with lung cancer (LC) are known to be at increased risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE). Venous thromboembolism is associated with increased risk for early mortality” If you’ve

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Radiotherapy Lung Cancer Reduce Survival 20%

“Radiotherapy treatment for lung cancer could have a negative effect on the health of your heart new research has found.” Radiation can kill cancer. This is a fact. But radiation also causes

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Cryotherapy for Lung Cancer Mets to the Lung

Lung Cancer Patients May Need Effective Therapies to Manage their Lung Cancer if it Metastasizes (spreads) Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers and depending on the stage at diagnosis, can

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