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Lung Cancer- “Significant Improvement…”

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“We were encouraged by the findings overall,” “And that advanced lung cancer patients undergoing treatment are not too sick to participate in a behavioral supportive intervention…”

A diagnosis of lung cancer is one of the most difficult of all cancers. The mental and physical demands on the patient during active therapy is a challenge. Difficulty breathing challenges your health, both mind and body. The study linked and excerpted below cites yoga with your caregiver to be a beneficial therapy for you both.

 I will be direct. Whether its surgery to remove the tumor, radiation and/or chemotherapy, the lung cancer patient’s life will be difficult.
To complicate the situation it is possible that older lung cancer patients may not be interested in attending yoga classes. I can see it now “please mom/dad, just go with me to a few classes…please…”
I included the study in hopes that mom/dad will be moved by the research that he/she will give yoga a chance…
My experience as both a cancer survivor and cancer coach is that patients must use the spectrum of evidence-based therapies to manage their cancer.

And because I am a long-term survivor of an incurable cancer and cancer coach I understand the necessity of both conventional (FDA approved) and evidence-based non-conventional therapies.

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2 Things That Go Together: Yoga and Advanced Lung Cancer

“Compared with a control group, patients who participated in a yoga program while undergoing treatment experienced significant improvement in stamina and mental health…

As lung cancer patients often are symptomatic, older, and may be in poor physical shape, Dr Milbury and her team believed that yoga was a low-impact exercise that patients could perform easily. In addition, yoga has a strong emphasis on breathing, an important issue in lung cancer where shortness of breath is a common symptom…

“Patients tend to have difficulties with breathing, depression and fatigue,” Dr Milbury said. “Cancer treatments may worsen these symptoms and reduce their physical function and overall quality of life…”

“Similar to patients, family members providing care and support to the patient may also feel tired and anxious and sad,” she explained during her presentation…

“We were encouraged by the findings overall,” Dr Milbury concluded, “And that advanced lung cancer patients undergoing treatment are not too sick to participate in a behavioral supportive intervention

Yoga Benefits Lung Cancer Patients & Their Caregivers

“Yoga can be an effective supportive therapy for advanced lung cancer patients as well as their caregivers, according to a new study.

Thoracic radiation therapy is associated with respiratory toxicities, which may reduce patients’ physical performance and their overall quality of life. Yoga therapy may buffer against disease and treatment-related sequelae, said lead author, Kathrin Milbury, PhD, Assistant Professor of Cancer Medicine in the Department of Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston…

Previous research shows that women with breast cancer can benefit from an exercise regimen. Lung cancer patients usually have more symptoms, are older, and in worse physical shape than women with breast cancer. The researchers recently showed that yoga can help improve quality of life for both glioma patients undergoing radiotherapy and their caregivers…

The researchers cautioned that they have not shown that yoga is superior to other forms of exercise, such as swimming or hiking, but they do believe that they have demonstrated that it is a holistic experience. Enrollees included only patients at MD Anderson and did not comprise a racially diverse population. Greater inclusiveness will be a goal of future research efforts…”

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