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Lung Cancer Blood Testing – Predict Relapse-

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“When lung cancer (LC) is caught in its earliest stages, before the tumors have spread to other organs…for many, outcomes are good. Through treatment, lung cancer can be cured…

Yes, early stage LC can be cured. However, even the earliest of lung cancers can relapse after standard-of-care therapies such as surgery, chemo and/or radiation. Unless the blood test discussed in the linked and excerpted article below is 100% effective, patients will always worry about a relapse.

I am not a LC survivor. I have been living with an “incurable” cancer called multiple myeloma since 1994. I reached complete remission in early 1999 and I have remained cancer-free ever since. I believe taking  the four supplements listed below, curcumin, resveritrol, milk thistle and grape seed extract, are the key to my living cancer-free from my aggressive cancer.

Please be aware that the studies below are animal studies and not FDA controlled research. I am not trying to paint the supplements listed below as some sort of magic cure. What I am saying is that the supplements listed below all can reduce the risk of relapse (for both of our cancers). I take all four supplements and have remained in CR from my cancer.

I believe that cancer patients and survivors must look beyond conventional therapy if they want to beat their aggressive cancers.

Have you been diagnosed with LC? Are you in remission? To learn more about evidence-based non-conventional lung cancer therapies, please scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply to you ASAP.

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David Emerson

  • Cancer Survivor
  • Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Lung Cancer Recurrence, Predictable at Last?

“When lung cancer is caught in its earliest stages, before the tumors have spread to other organs, people face the prospect of radiation, chemo, surgery or some combination of the three, and for many, outcomes are good. Through treatment, LC can be cured…

But for far too many others, treatment fails. Sick cells socked away in the bulbous pockets of the lungs survive, and tumors later recur — one of the reasons why lung cancer is the No. 1 cancer killer in the United States and around the world…

Now, a new blood test may be able to tell doctors which patients still harbor cancer cells in their bodies after initial treatment, which could help address one of the problems with managing early-stage LC: the inability to tell when someone is actually cured…

Curcumin Inhibits Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells Metastasis through the Adiponectin/NF-κb/MMPs Signaling Pathway

“The effect of curcumin in decreasing the migratory and invasive ability of A549 cells by inhibiting adiponectin expression is probably mediated through NF-κB/MMP pathways. Curcumin could be an important potential adjuvant therapeutic agent for LC in the future…”

Resveratrol induces premature senescence in lung cancer cells via ROS-mediated DNA damage.

“Together, these findings demonstrate that low dose RV treatment inhibits LC cell growth via a previously unappreciated mechanism, namely the induction of premature senescence through ROS-mediated DNA damage…”

Milk Thistle May Slow Lung Cancer

“How Did It Work? Silibinin appeared to put the brakes on LC’s growth and spread. But it didn’t seem to spur cancer cell death, the study shows…”

Differential effect of grape seed extract against human non-small-cell lung cancer cells: the role of reactive oxygen species and apoptosis induction.

“Grape Seed Extract suppressed growth and induced apoptotic death in NSCLC cells irrespective of their k-Ras status…


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