Multiple Myeloma

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David Emerson
Multiple Myeloma Survivor
Director, Galen Foundation dba PeopleBeatingCancer

"Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that affects the bone marrow, the body's blood-forming system. The plasma cells (a type of white blood cell) become abnormal and multiply rapidly, interfering with the production of normal blood cells. The overgrowth of malignant cells in the bone marrow can also weaken the bones, especially in the back and ribs, causing pain and bone fractures."

"Estimated new cases and deaths from multiple myeloma in the United States in 2010: New cases: 20,180 Deaths: 10,650. Thanks to improvements in treatment, however, multiple myeloma patients are living longer. It is estimated that there are more than 56,000 multiple myeloma survivors in the U.S. today.

"Interactive Health Communication Applications (PeopleBeatingCancer website) have largely positive effects on users, in that users tend to become more knowledgeable, feel better socially supported, and may have improved behavioural and clinical outcomes compared to non-users."