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Breast Cancer: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk

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Over the course of a lifetime, there are many factors that can influence your risk of breast cancer.
While you can’t change some factors, such as family history and aging, you can lower your
breast cancer risk by incorporating a few lifestyle changes.

Most importantly, reducing your risk of breast cancer can also reduce your risk of relapsing if you are diagnosed with breast cancer.

This article discusses five ways that can reduce your risk of breast cancer and live a more healthy
life. Continue reading.

● Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important factor in reducing your risk of breast cancer. Both
being underweight and increased body weight after menopause are connected with a higher risk
of breast cancer. Health experts recommend maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life
with a balance of a healthy diet and physical activity.

● Get Screenings Regularly

The UPSTF recommends that women between 50 to 74 years old are at higher risk for breast
cancer and hence, should get a mammogram every two years. Even if you are in your 20s and
30s, experts of breast augmentation at SHarper Plastic Surgery suggest getting screenings every
six months to detect breast cancer at an early stage and treat it before it becomes severe. You can
also consult your primary doctor before going for any screenings.

● Be Physically Active

Different studies have shown that moderate to intense physical workouts can reduce a woman's
chances of catching breast cancer. So, it is vital that you follow a regular exercising plan and
follow along with a healthy diet. The American Cancer Society suggests that adults should
exercise for at least 150 minutes to 300 minutes every week to get the benefits of exercising.

● Cut down on Booze

Science has shown that excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk of breast cancer. In
fact, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, WHO emphasized the fact that breast cancer risk
can be simply reduced by cutting on booz. A study revealed that for every alcoholic drink
consumed per day, the risk of breast cancer increased by nearly 7%. Women who consumed 2-3
drinks per day had a 20 % higher risk of cancer compared with women who didn’t drink at all.

● Breast-feed

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, women shed breast tissue, which can help remove cells
with DNA damage. This further cuts down your chances of developing breast cancer. In
addition, breastfeeding also reduces your risk of ovarian cancer by preventing ovulation.

Is There a Connection Between Birth Control Pills and Breast Cancer?
Studies have shown that hormonal contraception, including birth control pills and IUDs, can also
increase the risk of breast cancer. But the good part is the risk is minimal and can be controlled
once you stop using hormonal contraceptives.

Hence, it is important that you discuss your contraceptive options with your doctor.

The Bottom Line-

Other than following the above-mentioned suggestions, it is imperative to be vigilant about
breast cancer detection. If you notice any changes in your breasts, like color changes or a new
lump – immediately consult your doctor. Your doctor will advise you to go for mammograms
and other screenings as per your medical history.

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