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Articles That Discuss dementia

Dementia- Neuroinflammation Therapies

“There is no cure for AD. While much remains unknown about the disease, scientists increasingly suspect that neuroinflammation may play a role.” Chemobrain, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia,

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Reduce Dementia Risk- Non-Toxic

“There is growing evidence of a link between regular participation in mental, cognitive, or intellectual activities and a reduced risk of cognitive decline…” “a polyphenol pattern

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C-B-D, Inflammation and Alzheimer’s

“The treated mice also lost fewer brain cells and their brains contained 20 percent less of the sticky plaques associated with Alzheimer’s…” Full transparency- the studies linked

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Diabetes Increases Dementia Risk- Reduce That Risk With Supplementation

“The risk of diabetes (D) on dementia increased by about 1% per year. After about 10 years after diagnosis, patients with diabetes had an almost 30% increased risk of dementia…” The

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Dementia Patients Prescribed Dangerous Drugs

“About 13 per cent were diagnosed with dementia and, of those, 67 per cent were found to be prescribed potentially inappropriate medications.” Full transparency. When the article linked below

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Curcumin is Beneficial in Alzhiemer’s Disease Treatment

“Curcumin may be beneficial in protecting against development or progression of Alzheimer’s Disease if taken over the long term and started before symptoms of AD become apparent” I admit

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Women deteriorate faster then men with Alzheimer’s

“Women comprise about two-thirds of all cases of the progressive, memory-robbing disease…Women are really at the epicenter of the Alzheimer’s disease crisis” Why is a long-term cancer survivor

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- Dementia

“HBOT in this patient may be the first treatment not only to halt, but temporarily reverse disease progression in Alzheimer’s disease…” It is no surprise to me that Hyperbaric Oxygen

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Cognitive Decline – Coffee, Alcohol

A new study in Australia has uncovered evidence to suggest that there is a link between the amount of coffee people drink and their rate of cognitive decline. Coffee and alcohol. Two of my favorite drinks.

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Magnesium- Dementia

“In a study of more than 9,500 men and women, the highest or lowest levels of magnesium appeared to increase the chances for dementia by as much as 30 percent” It’s easy for researchers

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Prevent Cognitive Decline, Enhance Brain Health, Heal Chemobrain

“If you want to manage the factors that are within your control to prevent or delay age-related cognitive decline, spend some time and energy focusing on these three things…” I want to

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Alzheimer’s Therapies

Recent research has also reported that curcumin ameliorates cognitive decline and improves synaptic functions in mouse models of AD. Is Alzheimer’s or dementia in my future? I’m a long-term

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