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A Long-term Multiple Myeloma Survivor’s Diet, Nutrition Plan-

A multiple myeloma survivors’ nutrition goals are-“Body, blood, bone,  heart, and brain health.” And a diet that I can stick to for years to come… As a long-term multiple myeloma

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Multiple Myeloma Diet, Supplementation- A How-To Guide

Many studies confirm that a majority of patients undergoing cancer therapy use non-conventional therapies such as the supplements discussed below: Experience and years of research have taught me that multiple

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Multiple Myeloma Diet- Eat? Not Eat?

“…important to recognize the cumulative burden of the disease and treatment-related toxicity in both the stable and active phases of myeloma..” Hi David- We haven’t spoken for awhile

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Myeloma Diet- Glucose/Sugar, MGUS, SMM and MM

“…there was no association between self reported diabetes and multiple myeloma …” Insulin Therapy Tied to Increased Death Risk for Multiple Myeloma Patients “No conclusion about causal

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Multiple Myeloma Diet- Smoothies are Fast, Easy, Nutritious

Smoothies are Fast, Easy, Nutritious Therapy for Multiple Myeloma Patients and Survivors Smoothies…who knew? Eating nutritiously is paramount for MM patients, survivors and caregivers. Before, during

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Myeloma Survivor Diet in Three Easy Steps

“The average multiple myeloma survivor has received little nutrition counseling as part of their MM care, highlighting the importance of holistic, household-oriented nutrition education…” Conventional

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Myeloma Diet- Vegan, Vegetarian, Red Meat?

I think there is a big difference in myeloma management between eating as little animal fat as possible and not eating animal protein. Dear David- I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM), stage 3 several

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Multiple Myeloma Diet- Before, During, After Therapy

“The point of all this is that done right, nutrition should be one of the easiest and most enjoyable therapies for multiple myeloma patients and survivors to include in their regimen, before, during

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A Long-Term Myeloma Survivor’s Diet-

Myeloma survivors’ goals are-“Weight loss and optimal health…marry two concepts-flexible and vegetarian…heart healthy, reduce blood glucose to increase insulin sentivity…” I

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Multiple Myeloma Diet

I have remained in complete remission through a combination of nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and mind-body therapies. Anti-angiogenic (anti-Myeloma) nutrition runs throughout these themes. You

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