Join me in celebrating 20 yrs of beating cancer & 10 yrs of PeopleBeatingCancer-

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2014 marks 20 yrs since my cancer diagnosis and 10 years since founding PeopleBeatingCancer, a website that has helped thousands of survivors and caregivers

Join me in supporting PeopleBeatingCancer live on Friday October 18th 2013 in Shaker Heights, Ohio or virtually to support cancer survivors and caregivers everywhere. Thank you.

Hors d’oeuvres include:
Pulled Pork sliders with slaw and mini-buns
Cured Salmon
Hummus with spiced Pita Chips
Cheese and Pate selection
Squash Soup Shooters

Wines include:
Makara-Sauvignon Blanc
Educated Guess-Chardonnay
Garnet-Pinot Noir
If you see Kay- red blend

Wines provided by Wine Enthusist Innovator of the Year, Dave Biggar and Vintage Point Wines.


Team PBC at the Cleveland Marathon-

Volunteer runners/walkers at the 2013 Cleveland Marathon-

Corporate Sponsors of Team PBC at the CM-

Donors to the Team PBC at the CM-

Sixth Annual Talk-the-Talk, Walk-the-Walkathon-

The sixth annual Talk-the-Talk, Walk-the-Walkathon was held at the University School Hunting Valley Campus on Saturday June 9th, 2012. Walkers walked, donors donated, corporate sponsors supported and high school teams raised money and competed in the annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

Thank you individual donors and walkers- to see pictures taken at the event click the link below- thank you Jeff Karlovec.

click here to see the TTTWTW pictures

The corporate sponsors really came through for the TTTWTW this year. Thank you corporporate sponsors. The appeal to corporate sponsors this year is to support a great cause and a great non-profit organization- PeopleBeatingCancer, and receive cause, word-of-mouth and referral marketing for their support.

To read more about this year’s corporate sponsors, who, what, when, etc. scroll up the page and click on “corporate sponsors” in the menu above.

PeopleBeatingCancer Corporate Sponsors-

For the third year in a row total corporate sponsorship dollars more than doubled from the previous year.  24 total corporate sponsors supported this year’s TTTWTW- eight platinum level sponsors, nine gold level sponsors and seven silver level sponsors. 12 of the 24 sponsors were repeat sponsors. We could not have exceeded our Walkathon fundraising goal without you. Thank you corporate sponsors!

First and foremost, a special thank you goes to this year’s lead sponsor- Michael Healey. Michael is a husband, father, U.S. alum, real estate developer, poker officianado and most of all, Michael is my friend.  Thank you Michael.


Platinum Sponsors- $500-$999

Walthall, Drake and Wallace has been a corporate sponsor of the TTTWTW for the past six years.  WDW prepares PeopleBeatingCancer’s taxes, my personal taxes and provides valuable advice on a host of topics. Thank you WDW, Marty Hrabik, and Doris Day.




N.T.Ruddock a corporate sponsor for the third year in a row. Kevin Ruddock walked at the TTTWTW as well. Kevin and Marion Ruddock support the Galen Foundation dba PeopleBeatingCancer in every way.  Thank you Kevin and Marian.


Budzar Industries, Inc. “A solid reputation is built on longevity, engineering excellence, quality workmanship, and customer service.” Budzar President Dave Young is new to the ranks of the TTTWTW corporate sponsors this year.  Thank you Dave.



The Cleveland Indians and Executive Vice President, Business, Dennis Lehman. For the sixth (6th) year in a row, Dennis donated the Ultimate Frisbee teams’ favorite prize- Indians game tickets! Thank you Dennis.




Lanci International Though Ken Lanci and Consolidated Graphics Group has sponsored the TTTWTW in previous years, Lanci International,  the non-profit organization developed by Ken Lanci became a new sponsor for the TTTWTW this year.  Thank you Ken.



Oswald Companies and Marc S. Byrnes, Chairman & CEO was a corporate sponsor of the TTTWTW for the sixth year in a row.  Oswald provides Directors and Officers insurance to the Galen Foundation.  Thank you Marc.




Massotherapy Group LLC and Roman Niazov donated 50 free one hour massages to the first 50 registrants of this year’s TTTWTW.  Thank you Roman!


Gold Sponsors- $300-$499

Baker Hostetler and 2011 Super Lawyer Kevin Robertson are longtime sponsors of the TTTWTW.  In fact, Kevin helped launch the Galen Foundation back in 2004.  Thank you Kevin.



Lakeside Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors and Mitch Frankel joined the ranks of the gold sponsors this year. Mitch and Susan both walked this year. Mitch is one of the most qualified investment advisors I know.  Thank you Mitch.





Aetna Plastics President Gary Davis is a corporate sponsor who is the father of one of the Ulimate Frisbee tournament captains- Logan Davis. Thank you Gary and thank you Logan.



Tavens Packaging and Display Solutions and President Dick Ames are another long time sponsor of the TTTWTW. “Only Tavens promises to design, manufacture and provide a quality full-service packaging and display resource that delivers whatever you need in corrugated box, display, and POP solutions… efficiently, effectively and at a great price.” Thank you Dick.




Thomas Roulston Investment Partners and Tom Roulston have been sponsoring the TTTWTW since the beginning of the TTTWTW. “Tom Roulston’s background in institutional research sales and money management has allowed him to develop and provide a unique system to analyze portfolio managers and thus provide Trust Navigator’s clients with top decile investment performance.” Thank you Tom.



ICM Distribution President and CEO Harry Singer is another corporate sponsor who is also the father of an Ultimate Frisbee team captain- Reid Singer.  Thank you Harry, thank you Reid.



The Kilroy Company chairman Bill Kilroy continues the leadership started by his grandfather E.A.Kilroy by sponsoring the TTTWTW this year.Thank you Bill.




Althans Insurance Agency and Vice Presidant Joe LaGuardia is a long time sponsor of the TTTWTW- “Althans Insurance supports and encourages volunteerism, leadership activity, and financial support…” Thank you Joe.



Mustard Seed Market and Cafe and Gabe Nabors is the corporate sponsor who feeds the entire TTTWTW.  In fact, the Mustard Seed Market feeds me and my family too.  Thank you Gabe.




Thank you inpidual donors everywhere. Peer to peer online fundraising allows the fundraisers who walk at the event to be able to reach out to their friends and family everywhere- for free! Donors are those of you who received an online solicitation and who then chose to make a donation- online. While there are still plenty of donors who choose to write a check or donate cash at the TTTWTW itself, peer to peer online fundraising allows PeopleBeatingCancer to solicit thousands of people and realize hundreds of donations- easily, quickly and cheaply.

To see who the inpidual donors were, scoll up the page and click on “donors.”

The walkers who come to the TTTWTW to walk are the unsung heros of the event every year. They all register, they all donate, they all walk of course, and most importantly they cheer me on. Thank you TTTWTW walkers.

To see who the walkers were, scoll up the page and click on “walkers.”

The Ulimate Frisbee tournament is the fan favorite at every TTTWTW. Not only was the UF tourney fun to watch this year but the high school teams raised more money than ever. Shaker Heights High School won first place in the combined tournament/fundraising effort and University School came in second. Thank you Logan Davis, Ian Adams, Reid Singer, Reese Wells, and Brendan Lemay. Thank you UF teams.

There are lots of great pics of the UF tourney and UF teams on Picasa- go to the Picasa link and see the photos. Thanks. – David Emerson

2012 Handcycling Season

I’m a cancer survivor working to manage my health. Handcycling is where the rubber meets the road for me literally and figuratively. Years of research and experience have taught me that my lifestyle can keep me cancer-free. Can my nutrition, supplementation and exercise help me compete in the handcycle divisions of marathons? Follow my 2012 handcycle season to find out…

Why handcycling?

If it’s one thing that I’ve learned in the past 17 years it’s that exercise is the single most important therapy for surviving cancer.

In early 2011 I read an article in the WSJ about a grandmother who had competed in the New York marathon. I think the article mentioned that the hardy lady won her age class. It dawned on me that I needed some competition in my life, that I might enjoy the sport of hand-cycling and that if a grandmother could complete a marathon, then I could to.

How do you handcycle in a marathon?

I googled the Internet and found local groups of hand-cyclers talking about training, handcycles and events. If you are going to compete in a marathon- 26.2 miles, then you need to train. More importantly you need to train on hills. As for the hand-cycles makes and models, there are upright and lie-down models from $2,500-$10,000.00. Finally, when it comes to the actual marathon event, it turns out that only some marathons are “hand-cycle friendly” meaning only some marathons allow hand-cyclers.

What equipment do you need to handcycle?

The only thing you really need to hand-cycle in a marathon is a hand-cycle. I already had a bike helmet and gym shorts. Unfortunately I soon discovered that hand-cycles are expensive. I googled the Internet and found an entry level hand-cycle, with shipping, was $2,500.00. I went to a site for a place called bike-on.com (really helpful people) and ordered a “top-end force 2” hand-cycle. It arrived six weeks before the Cleveland marathon- my first “hand-cycle friendly” event. I had my work cut out for me…


In next month’s newsletter I will explain what marathons I will ride in 2012 and when. I will also outline my indoor and outdoor training regimen.

Thanks, David

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