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Tag Archives for " Adolescent Young Adult Cancer "

Cost of Surviving AYA Cancer- Suleika Jaouad

Between co-payments, out-of-network costs, the out-of-pocket costs of my AYA cancer care have already amounted to tens of thousands of dollars… Cancer patients don’t know what they don’t

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AYA Late Effects- Painful, Expensive-

“A substantial proportion of adult survivors of (AYA cancer survivors) experienced financial hardship. Vulnerable sociodemographic status and late effects were associated with hardship.” The

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Pediatric, AYA Survivors “Cure is NOT Enough”

For pediatric and AYA cancer survivors, a cure is not enough. I’ve never said the phrase A Cure Is Not Enough out loud. It sounds like the title of some sort of weird movie. I feel selfish for

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Can Pediatric/AYA Cancer Late-Stage Side-Effects be prevented?

“”Cure is no longer a sufficient goal in pediatric cancer care,” the researchers wrote. “As the vast majority of these patients survive, attention must be paid to their long-term

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Four Adolescent Young Adult Cancer Issues

Four?! Only four cancer issues? I didn’t say only 4, I’m saying these are the 4 most important cancer issues to an adolescent and young adult cancer patient. Looking back over my cancer experiences

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AYA Cancer Survivors- Identify, Prevent Long-Term, Late Stage

As many as two-thirds of childhood cancer survivors develop a long-term complication from the surgery, chemotherapy or radiation used in cancer treatment…” It shouldn’t be surprising

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A Cancer “Cure” is Not Enough- Cancer Survivors QOL

‘Many studies have shown that childhood and adolescent cancer survivors are at increased risk for chronic medical problems and emotional late effects as they age…’ Surviving Acute Myelogenous

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Meredith Ann- Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia – “Except I kept getting worse and then somehow a mono diagnosis turned into an acute myelogenous leukemia one instead.” When I was nineteen and nearing the

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