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Curcumin Enhances Chemotherapy in Head-Neck Cancer-

When researchers added a curcumin-based compound to head and neck cancer cell lines, they were able to cut the dose of the chemotherapy drug cisplatin by four while still killing tumor cells equally as

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Acupuncture – Dry Mouth – Head/Neck Cancer

Patients who have received radiation for head/neck cancer often suffer from the unpleasant and distressing side-effect of a dry mouth, caused by damage to their salivary glands from the radiation  Xerostomia,

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Grape Seed Extract Kills Squamous Cell Head and Neck Cancer

Grape Seed Extract selectively inhibited the growth and caused cell cycle arrest and apoptotic death in Head and Neck Cancer cells If you are diagnosed with cancer head and neck cancer, your first goal

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Squamous Cell Head and Neck Cancer- Genetic Diagnostic Factors

Gene-expression profiling has identified 4 distinct genetic subtypes of head and neck cancer (H&N) which show some parallels to lung squamous cell carcinoma biology… I am a long-term cancer survivor

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Managing Brain Damage in Head/Neck Cancer

In a pilot study of the association, Razak and colleagues found that nine of 10 survivors of head/neck cancer had deficits in various aspects of neurocognitive function two years after treatment…” When my

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HPV-positive Oropharyngeal Cancer- AHCC

HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer now dominates the head and neck oncology landscape, and its escalating incidence is impacting on diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic practices Human papillomavirus

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