Breast Cancer- “Overwhelmed with what to do…”

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From: Kathleen 
Subject: Overwhelmed with what to do

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I am 65 years old in perfect health except the above.  I had lumpectomy Dec 29/2015.  I do not believe in chemo.  I found the lump April/2015 and was using herbal, the  affected area was decreased 2/3 during 6 mths. of herbal prior to surgery my surgeon is sending the pathologyst’s report for review asking where did other 2/3 went.  I did not tell her about the herbal I did not want the eye rolls. I want to continue with my herbal usage.  Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi Kathleen, 
Yes, there are several anti-angiogenic, anti-oxidant supplements that are cytotoxic to breast cancer, anti BC nutrition, anti-cancer mind-body therapies and finally anti-BC lifestyle therapies. 
To confirm, you were diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2015. Do you remember what stage? After about nine months of non-conventional therapies (herbal), your BC tumor shrunk by 2/3. At which time you choose to have the tumor removed with a lumpectomy. 
Also, yes, there are many herbal/botanical supplements that are anti-cancer or anti-BC or both. If it is okay with you I would also like to research and identify those essential oils that are anti BC as well. You can read the articles and/r studies and decide for yourself what therapies you choose to pursue. There are also a number of mind-body therapies that have shown efficacy in fighting cancer. 
Kathleen, I am a cancer coach. Personal experience has taught me that cancer patients need to pursue a multimodal approach to beating their cancer. I would recommend identifying the above discussed therapies and providing you with specifics- studies and what to buy, where, etc. Please go to my cancer coaching website to think about working with me
Thank you, 
David Emerson
Survivor, Creator, Cancer Coach

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maria ribeiro says 7 years ago

Overwhelmed with what to do
I had Lumpectomy on Nov. 30 2015. One week later i had 5 days- twice a day Radiation sessions.
I am very fearful about chemotherapy, I dont want to do.
I would like to have suggestions about alternative treatment?. The diagnose was Invasive Ductal Carcinoma – ER+ pr- HER 2-

    David Emerson says 7 years ago

    Hi Maria-

    I am sorry to read of your breast cancer diagnosis. I understand that a diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming. In order for me to research your situation, present information to you, etc. I need to understand your stage at diagnosis. A diagnosis of “Invasive Ductal Carcinoma – ER+ pr- HER 2” can mean different therapies depending on your stage at diagnosis. A lumpectomy and local radiation is designed to kill any remaining local BC cells. This is a good start to your therapy.

    If your onc. recommended a lumpectomy and not a full mastectomy then my thinking is that your BC is early stage. If this is so please confirm.

    Let me know and hang in there.

    David Emerson

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