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Articles That Discuss DCIS

DCIS and Overtreatment Therapies- Reduce Risk or Not?

There is considerable disagreement about the treatment of DCIS.  Some believe that nearly everyone with DCIS, regardless of its characteristics, should be treated with either mastectomy or lumpectomy

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Axillary Node Dissection in DCIS Offers Little Prognostic Information

I was stunned when I first found out that lymph nodes were being sampled for those with many forms of DCIS.  The axillary node dissection which was used in the earlier years of this study has a high

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DCIS- Active Surveillance or Double Mastectomy? Or Non-Toxic Therapy?

What exactly is it (DCIS)— a pre-cancer, cancer or more a risk factor? How much treatment is too much? Too little? Studies confirm that treatments for DCIS such as lumpectomy, whole-breast radiation

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Testing Predicts DCIS Relapse

Two recent articles report on a new study that suggests that, because of a series of tests, many women diagnosed with DCIS may be able to forgo some of the usual treatments. Breakthrough Method Predicts

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DCIS- Contralateral Breast Cancer Uncommon-Less then 6% Within 10 Years

“Fewer than 6% of women with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ developed contralateral breast cancer within 10 years” Rational, informed decision-making for breast cancer patients and survivors. Everyone

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DCIS-Radiation Boost Lowers Risk- No Change in Overall Survival

Radiation Boost Lowers Risk of IBT Recurrence But Does Not Reduce Overall Survival in Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ aka DCIS Radiation boost for DCIS patients undergoing whole-breast radiation (WBRT) is the

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For Breast Cancer of Less Than 1 Cm, 93% Survival After 8 Years

Tamoxifen, Breast Radiation and Lumpectomy all Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence- But They Also Cause Side Effects and Risks of Secondary Cancer I admit it. I am a cancer survivor of an “incurable”

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Radiation for DCIS?

“Four large randomized trials have studied the effects of postoperative radiotherapy after breast conserving surgery in patients with wider spectrum of DCIS and all of them have shown radiotherapy

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Cancer Coaching DCIS – Radiate, Aromatase Inhibitor or Watchful Waiting?

My personal opinion as a long-term cancer survivor living with several side effects is to watch and wait and lower your risk of Breast Cancer post DCIS with diet,  frequent, moderate exercise and nutritional

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Newly diagnosed Breast Cancer/DCIS- Conventional, Non-Conventional Combined?

 My research and experience has taught me that both conventional (FDA approved) and evidence-based non-conventional therapies are needed to fully manage Breast Cancer Dear Cancer Coach: Recently diagnosed

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Tamoxifen-Related Cancer in Early Stage Breast Cancer

“However, concerns have been raised that the drug (tamoxifen) may increase the incidence of new primary malignancies, such as endometrial, liver, and colorectal cancers.” You’ve been

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Lumpectomy versus Mastectomy for Early Stage Invasive Breast Cancer

A new study called “Decision Making about Surgery for Early-Stage Breast Cancer” finds that the women studied had major deficits in their knowledge about the pros and cons of having either

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