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Cancer Coaching- Does PQQ Promote Breast Cancer?

“study showed that higher concentrations of PQQ (50-100 μM) could result in 2-5 fold increase in apoptosis-inducing of U937 human promonocytic lymphoma cells through the depletion of cellular glutathione

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Is Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS) Breast Cancer or Abnormal Cells?

Significantly more women changed their preference from a surgical to a nonsurgical option than from a nonsurgical to a surgical option depending on terminology, according to the study… You have

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DCIS: Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment?

The issue of DCIS and how it should be treated is extremely complex. In a Ralph Moss article titled “The Mammography Debate, Part I” DCIS is a topic of discussion.  Questions that arise

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Financial Cost of DCIS Got You Worried? Read This

The cost of early stage breast cancer (DCIS) therapy is a concern that influences treatment decisions for many women, even when they have insurance and higher income… Though Ductal Carcinoma In-situ

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Oncotype DX for Breast Cancer and DCIS- better than a second opinion?

Ducal Carcinoma In-situ (DCIS) is Not Breast Cancer-Consider Evidence-based, Non-Toxic Therapies to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer The mission of PeopleBeatingCancer is to demystify cancer. I research

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Rename In-Situ, Pre-, IDLE, aka low-risk Cancer Now-

What we routinely refer to as cancer today is a disease ranging from ultra low risk (less than a 5% chance of progression over two decades) to extremely high (more than a 75% chance of progression over

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Will Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS) Patients Accept Breast Cancer Risk?

“Our thought is that seeing loved ones go through the severe side effects associated with breast cancer made them think about how they would incorporate that into their own life,” One of the first

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DCIS diagnosis w/ Expectations of Tamoxifen Side Effects? Here’s Relief…

The study found that women who had higher expectations of suffering more and worse side-effects before their (Tamoxifen) treatment began did, in fact, experience more after two years of adjuvant hormone

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DCIS, lumpectomy, atypical hyperplasia. Margins clear, so now what?

Since suspicious groups of microcalcifications can appear even in the absence of DCIS, a biopsy may be necessary for diagnosis. Dear Cancer Coach. I was diagnosed by sterotactic biopsy with ductal carcinoma

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Low-dose Tamoxifen for DCIS-Less is More

“When we compare our low-dose tamoxifen data with results from the… trials of tamoxifen given at 20 mg per day, we see comparable risk reduction and significantly reduced serious adverse events,

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