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Glosectomy for SCC of the tongue base

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“The ability of Resveratrol to modify the effect of radiation exposure in normal and cancer cells has indeed been shown quite convincingly, the combination of RSV and IR exhibiting synergistic effects on different cancer cells.”

Hi David- I’m Roz 34 from Vancouver. Diagnose sept 17 at estimated stage 2 and by the time I underwent a 10hr surgery dec 4 I was discovered to be stage 4. partial glosectomy dissection and resection, left neck dissection, left forearm free flap.

I will be starting treatment next week and am very anxious. I’m at British Columbia cancer agency which I’ve hear great things about. Unfortunately they said they majority of the patients they’ve had with my cancer are male and in the 60s.

So, severity of side effects for me I get a 50/50 only bc they really don’t know. I’m a rare case… I’m a

  • non smoker,
  • non drinker and
  • tested negative for hpv16.

All they say is genetics and bad luck. I kinda feel like a Guinea pig, then dr’s aren’t making me feel that way … But I know that my case may set a precedent for future cases.  Was hoping to hear if you have found anything that is similar to my case.

Hope to talk soon- Roz

Hi Roz-
First of all, I am sorry to read of your SCC of the tongue base diagnosis and glosectomy. You are correct that your case is rare. Your age, sex, healthy lifestyle and lack of viral indicators makes your case rare. Keep in mind that my case was rare too for many of the same reasons. Different cancer (multiple myeloma) but similar situation. 
If by saying “starting treatment soon” you mean you are starting local radiation and chemotherapy please consider supplementing with evidence-based integrative therapies. For example an antioxidant called resveritrol, according to the studies linked and excerpted below,  has been shown to enhance radiation while protecting against collateral damage (side effects). 
Thanks and good luck, 
David Emerson
  • Cancer Survivor
  • Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Synergistic effect of resveratrol and radiotherapy in control of cancers.

“Cancers will continue to be a threat to health unless they can be controlled by combinations of treatment modalities. In this review, evaluate the role of resveratrol (RSV) as a radiosensitizing agent was evaluated and underlying mechanisms holistically explored in different cancer models focusing on therapeutic possibilities.

The ability of RSV to modify the effect of radiation exposure in normal and cancer cells has indeed been shown quite convincingly, the combination of RSV and IR exhibiting synergistic effects on different cancer cells.

This is relevant since controlled exposure to IR is one of the most frequently applied treatments in cancer patients. However, radiotherapy (XRT) treatment regimes are very often not effective in clinical practice as observed in patients with

  • glioma,
  • prostate cancer (PCa),
  • melanoma,

for example, largely due to tumour radioresistant properties. Sensitization of IR-induced apoptosis by natural products such as RSV is likely to be relevant in cancer control and treatment. However, all cancers do not respond to RSV+IR in a similar manner.

Therefore, for those such as the radioresistant PCa or melanoma cells, the RSV+IR regime has to be very carefully chosen in order to achieve effective and desirable outcomes with minimum toxicity to normal cells. They are reports that the highest concentration of 100 ?M RSV and highest dose of 5 Gy IR are sufficient to kill cells by induction of apoptosis, indicating that RSV is effective in radiosensitizing otherwise radioresistant cells.

In general, it has been shown in different cancer cells that RSV+XRT effectively act by enhancing expression of anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic molecules, and inhibiting pro-proliferative and anti-apoptotic molecules, leading to induction of apoptosis through various pathways, and cell death. If RSV+XRT can suppress the signature of cancer stemness, enhance the radiosensitivity by either targeting the mitochondrial functionality or modulating the tumour necrosis factor-mediated or Fas-FasL-mediated pathways of apoptosis in different cancers, particularly in vivo, its therapeutic use in the control of cancers holds promise in the near future.”


Resveratrol is a phytochemical found in high levels in grape skins. Not only is resveratrol anantioxidant, it has some cancer preventive properties as well.
In addition, there’s increasing interest in its potential use in cancer treatment. Since it’s an antioxidant, and since many chemotherapies as well as radiation act by producing free radicals that can damage cellular DNA, researchers and clinicians have been cautious about combining resveratrol with conventional
Dr. Block and his research team have reviewed the clinical literature on antioxidants and chemotherapy and feel this concern is misplaced. Randomized clinical trials in which antioxidants were given with chemotherapy
did not show any reduction in anticancer effects compared to chemotherapy given with no antioxidants.
In addition, a new paper published in the Journal of Surgical Research recently suggested that concern about combining resveratrol with radiation therapy is similarly misplaced.”

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