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Lung Cancer Metastasized? Cryotherapy…

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Like virtually all cancer procedures, prostatectomy, lumpectomy, etc. the success rate of freezing matastasized lung cancer tumors depends on the professional doing the procedure.

Has your lung cancer metastasized? Consider cryotherapy.

Cancer that has metastasized is universally viewed as being a negative. This negativity stems from oncology’s inability to treat the metastasized tumors. But what if you could treat your lung cancer that has spread to either your lungs or your bones?

The study linked below talks about freezing several mets at once, as well as treating lung mets repeated-in the study “A total of 66 patients had multiple procedures.”

Like virtually all cancer procedures, prostatectomy, lumpectomy, etc. the success rate of freezing matastasized lung tumors depends on the professional doing the procedure.

I am both a cancer survivor and cancer coach. I work with cancer patients, survivors and caregivers to research both conventional (FDA approved standard of care) and evidence-based non-conventional therapies in order to give them choices…options…even if their oncologists can’t.

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Recommended Reading:

Cryoablation of Lung Metastases: Review of Recent Literature and Ablation Technique

“This article reviews the current indications for image-guided thermal ablation of pulmonary metastatic disease. It also summarizes data regarding the efficacy and complications of lung cryoablation and present techniques for performing lung cryoablation as informed by the recent literature…


An increasing volume of literature supports the use of local therapy for patients with oligometastatic and oligoprogressive disease in the lung. While direct comparative data regarding the various methods of local therapy are lacking, IGTA is a valuable tool with strengths in terms of ease of repeatability and preservation of lung function in this population of patients likely to develop further disease. Cryoablation offers potential advantages over RFA or MWA in terms of ablation zone visualization with promising early reports of oncologic efficacy. Based on the available literature, the authors recommend a triple-freeze protocol for pulmonary metastasis cryoablation with careful attention to employing a sufficient number of cryoprobes to achieve maximum efficacy.”

Freezing Metastatic Lung Cancer Tumors Feasible

“Researchers here suggested that metastatic tumors that go to the lung can be successfully eradicated using cryotherapy — literally turning the masses into ice balls that are then resorbed by the body…

With more than 21 months of follow-up, the overall recurrence rate of the metastases attacked in the study was 6.2% – with 1.9% within the cryozone and 4.3% outside the cryozone...

“Tumors larger than 3 cm had a recurrence rate of 13.6%, compared with 4.7% for the smaller lesions…

The complication rate was also considered low, Abdelhadi said. Overall, 3.7% of the patients treated with cryoablation had a complication — 2.4% in the centrally located tumors and 4.6% in the peripheral ones; 9.6% of the larger tumors carried a complication risk, compared with 2% of the smaller tumors…

The advantages of cryoablation of the lung masses include excellent visualization of the effect of the ice ball that freezes the lesion and the ability to avoid nerves and other structures such as the esophagus. The procedure is associated with little pain, and does not discriminate in tissue types and holds the potential for a cryoimmune response…”

…there were 109 patients who underwent 191 procedures for a total of 258 masses… Most of the metastases came from sarcomas: 103 cases — 56 colorectal metastases and other metastases from numerous cancer types. A total of 66 patients had multiple procedures — as many as six; in 48 procedures multiple tumors were frozen – up to seven different masses…

“We do transcatheter therapy for liver cancer all the time, but doing it for lung cancer is sort of novel. It is not something that is standard of care. But being aware of the lung vasculature, there is very little discomfort in doing this procedure. The lung is a very forgiving organ…

I think it really depends more on the comfort zone of the practicing doctor as to what method is selected to treat these patients.””

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