The Cure for Lung Cancer May Be in Fish Oil

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Fish oil inhibited the growth of Non Small Cell Lung Cancer cell lines (H1838 and H1792) by suppressing integrin-linked kinases (18)…”

Should lung cancer patients take fish oil or not? You are correct if you are thinking that you have seen conflicting studies. All I can offer  you at this point are the two articles linked and excerpted below and my personal experience as a long-term survivor of an incurable cancer.

Conventional therapies enabled me to achieve a remission for less than a year. Once my oncologist told me I w was end-stage I underwent a controversial alternative therapy called antineoplaston therapy. I reached complete remission by early 1999 where I have remained until now (5/17).

My point is that patients with certain cancers must think outside the conventional oncology box. Fish oil, curcumin and several other evidence-based, non-toxic, non-conventional therapies have shown the ability to kill lung cancer (LC) Evidence-based, inexpensive, easily available.

Have you been diagnosed with LC? If so, what stage? Please scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply to you ASAP.

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David Emerson

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Anticancer Activity of Fish Oils against Human Lung Cancer Is Associated with Changes in Formation of PGE2 and PGE3 and Alteration of Akt Phosphorylation

While a large body of evidence indicates that n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids promote the growth of tumor cells, n-3 fatty acids (e.g. EPA and DHA) have actually been shown to inhibit breast, colon, prostate, and lung tumor cell proliferation (Reviews in [13,14]). EPA and DHA have also been shown to induce apoptosis in a number of cell lines, including human lung A549 and A427 cells (1517). Fish oil inhibited the growth of NSCLC cell lines (H1838 and H1792) by suppressing integrin-linked kinases (18)…”

Fish oil’s fatty acids provide surprising benefits to lung cancer patients

“New research has revealed that daily doses of fish oil for lung cancer patients improve the efficiency of chemotherapy, may contribute to increased survival and help prevent muscle and weight loss that commonly occurs…”


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