Prostate Cancer- Diffused, No Mets, All cores involved- Recommendations?

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Dear Cancer Coach- Have been diagnosed with a prostate full of cancer fully diffused.  Seems to be an aggressive strain.

I have tried Paw-Paw and am now trying Prosticaid and PectaSol-C.  Urologist recommends radiation as the primary therapy for my prostate cancer.  So far naturals do not seem to be curing.  Have been working on it for about 3 months.

  • My PSA 4/11/20XX – 11 NG/ML
  • Gleason 4/11/20XX – 7
  • PSA 6/10/20XX – 11 NG/ML
  • Beckman PSA  6/10/20XX- 13.4 NG/ML
  • Beckman PSA 8/31/20XX – 13.6 NG/ML  (after I had been on Paw Paw for a couple of months)
  • All cores involved
  • Had bone and CT scans both revealed no metatastic events going on.

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Right now I am waiting for my urologist to set up the radiation.  I asked for the Proton therapy, but my insurance carrier turned it down.
I appreciate that you are willing to take your time with me.
Looking forward to conversing with you and getting your input.
Thank you!

Hi Nick-

I am sorry to read of your prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis. If your PCa is diffuse and aggressive I agree that “natural therapies” will not do the trick alone. I will outline a few recommendations.
My experience is that the key is to add integrative and complimentary therapies to a reasonable use of conventional therapies. By “reasonable use” of conventional therapies I mean to manage the collateral damage aka side effects that come with conventional PCa therapies.
For instance, if you undergo radiation therapy to your prostate BE SURE to undergo as many hyperbaric oxygen treatments as possible as close to the radiation treatments as possible. HBOT has been shown to heal the damage done by radiation therapy. See the first study below.
HBOT will be covered by your insurance probably if the therapy is prescribed by your oncologist.
Further, the second study linked and excerpted below cites the integrative action of the nutrition supplement resveratrol also for radiation therapy for prostate cancer.
Your first challenge will be to think through the risk/reward of each therapy. In other words, the reason why early stage PCa patients choose to “watch and wait” is because of side effects. If you choose to undergo therapy then you must learn about side effects and ways to moderate or eliminate side effects.
Yes, radiation causes collateral damage to those tissues around the prostate. This is why I talk about therapies such as HBOT to heal the collateral damage caused by radiation therapy.
I am both a cancer survivor and cancer coach. My experience and research has taught me that cancer patients must combine the best of both conventional and evidence-based non-conventional therapies. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about cancer coaching.
Hang in there,

David Emerson

  • Cancer Survivor
  • Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Further application of hyperbaric oxygen in prostate cancer

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been used as an adjuvant treatment for multiple pathological states, which involves hypoxic conditions. Over the past 50 years, HBOT has been recommended and used in a wide variety of medical conditions, clinically in the treatment of ischemic or nonhealing wounds and radiation-injured tissue, and in the treatment of malignancy.

The mechanism of this treatment is providing oxygen under pressure which is higher than the atmosphere thus increasing tissue oxygen concentration. When cells get enough oxygen in the microenvironment, they become active and replicate effectively…

HBOT has gained great clinical recognition over the decade. It has been demonstrated that HBOT has considerable effects on carcinoma, especially on decreasing complications and improving mortality. So, it is important to combine the HBOT with patients who suffer from prostate cancer. This review illuminates the effect and underlying mechanism of the HBOT in prostate cancer for further clinical application.”

Resveratrol enhances radiation sensitivity in prostate cancer by inhibiting cell proliferation and promoting cell senescence and apoptosis

“Radiation therapy (XRT) for treatment of localized prostate cancer (PCA) has outcomes similar to surgery and medical therapy. Toxicities of XRT and the relative radioresistance of PCA limit the effectiveness of this treatment method.

Safe and effective radiosensitizing agents are lacking to enhance the effectiveness for XRT for PCA.

In this study, the effect of XRT in combination with the radiosensitizing agent resveratrol (RSV) was investigated in a radioresistant PCA cell line, PC-3.

Our results show the addition of RSV to XRT (XRT/RSV) synergistically enhanced XRT-induced apoptosis and inhibition of PC-3 proliferation. The antiproliferative effect of XRT/RSV treatment correlated with increased expression of p15, p21, and mutant p53 and decreased expression of cyclin B, cyclin D, and cdk2.

Increased apoptosis correlated with increased expression of Fas and TRAILR1. Furthermore, XRT/RSV had little effect on the expression of p-AKT, whereas it increased the expression level of p-H2A.X, a marker for senescence. These data highlight the potential of RSV as a radiation sensitizer for PCA treatment and warrant further investigation.”

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