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Tag Archives for " Endometrial Cancer "

Laparotomy vs. Laparoscopic- Endometrial Cancer

Laparoscopy over laparotomy is the choice doctors should make to decrease post-operation complications when staging endometrial cancer:  

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Metformin- Treatment for Endometrial Cancer?

Metformin, traditionally used to treat diabetes, may be an important part of adjuvant therapy for endometrial cancer:  

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Endometrial Cancer, Sugar, Curcumin, Green Tea

Eating a sugary diet may increase the risk of developing endometrial cancer by upwards of 33%:  

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Endometrial Cancer- Stage 3A- Ovary

We have not been able to identify any statically significant proof of efficacy of the chemotherapy treatment for the endometrial cancer. The improvement in the outcomes seems marginal. Hi David- My wife

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C-B-D/T-H-C for Endometrial/Uterine Cancer

“We observed that at concentrations higher than 5 μM, eCBs and C-B-D induced a significant reduction in cell viability in both Ishikawa and Hec50co cells…” Dear Cancer Coach: I am post

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Are Endometrial Polyps Overtreated?

A "watch and wait" course of action for patients diagnosed with endometrial polyps may be the best course of action, recent studies show:  

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Cancer Coaching- Endometrial Cancer-C-B-D oil Complementary Therapy?

“Selective targeting of TPRV1 by AEA, C-B-D, or other stable analogues may be an attractive research area for the treatment of estrogen-dependent endometrial cancer.” Dear Cancer Coach: I am post op

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Hysteroscopy Endometrial Cancer?

Though hysteroscopy plays an important role in both diagnosing and staging endometrial cancer, it may cause endometrial cancer cells to spread to the peritoneum, researchers say:  

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Vitamin D- Obesity-Induced Increase in Endometrial Cancer-

Vitamin D may prevent the development of endometrial cancer, as it inhibited endometrial carcinogenesis in mice:  

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Exercise- Endometrial Cancer, Reduce Relapse

Exercise may be a critical component of endometrial cancer prevention, and walking for thirty minutes a day five days a week is enough to make a difference.  

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