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Insomnia Increases Risk of Cardiovascular Disease-

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The cumulative analysis for all the studies under a random-effects model showed that insomnia determined an increased risk (+45%) of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease

Medical science sometimes complicates achieving good health.  According to the study linked and excerpted below, not getting a good night’s sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 45%. I don’t always sleep well and I’m glad to find a study explaining how important it is for me to get a good night’s sleep.

As a long-term cancer survivor I live with chronic A-Fib. I need to keep my heart healthy.

I don’t consider the study below an example of medical science complicating things. It’s the medical solutions to the problem- insomnia in this case, that is the problem. Prescription sleep therapies bring a host of negative side effects with them-“Prescription sleeping pills may be popular, but they can be dicey—the tales of side effects for drugs like Ambien and Halcion are legendary…”

Further, the definition of a full night’s sleep, 8 hours, is too simplistic, at lease in my case. If I sleep soundly in between my trips to the bathroom (already I’m out of the norm…cytoxan induced side effect) for say 7.5 hours, I can wake refreshed the next morning.

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How do I fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly between pee breaks? Life Extension Melatonin and L-Theanine . To be more specific Life Extension L-Theanine  and Life Extenstion Melatonin 1mg. This brand of L-Theanine and melatonin have been tested and approved by Consumerlab.com, an independent testing service. Also Life Extension L-Theanine  and Melatonin are some of the lowest cost formulas tested by Consumerlab.com.

5% of your purchase on Amazon will go to PeopleBeatingCancer-a 501c3 non-profit. Thank you.

Certainly everyone is different. Though studies contend that both Melatonin and L-Theanine are well-tolerated and low cost. Yes, regular moderate exercise, no late screen time, no alcohol, many things can effect your sleep.

For questions about non-conventional sleep therapies, scroll down the page, post a question and I will reply ASAP.

thank you

David Emerson

  • Cancer Survivor
  • Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Insomnia and risk of cardiovascular disease: a meta-analysis

Objective: Increasing evidence suggests an association between insomnia and cardiovascular disease. We performed a systematic review with meta-analysis of all the available prospective studies that investigated the association between insomnia and risk of developing and/or dying from cardiovascular disease…

Results: After the review process 13 prospective studies were included in the final analysis. These studies included 122,501 subjects followed for a time ranging from three to 20 years. A total of 6332 cardiovascular events occurred during the follow-up. Insomnia was assessed through questionnaire and defined as either difficulty of initiating or maintaining sleep or presence of restless, disturbed nights. The cumulative analysis for all the studies under a random-effects model showed that insomnia determined an increased risk (+45%) of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease during the follow-up (relative risk 1.45, 95% confidence interval 1.29–1.62; p < 0.00001), with no evidence of heterogeneity across the studies (I 2: 19%; p = 0.14).

Conclusion: Insomnia is associated with an increased risk of developing and/or dying from cardiovascular disease.”


CAN’T SLEEP? YOU’RE not alone. Some  70 million Americanshave chronic sleep problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And it’s about far more than feeling tired all the time. Sleep deprivation is a contributor to a host of medical issues ranging from obesity to mental illness to “poor quality of life and well-being…

It can’t be noted strenuously enough that this is a thoroughly unscientific test and my experiences should not be seen as representative of how anyone else may respond to these supplements, or as a benchmark for their effectiveness. ..

As well, remember that many things can impact how you sleep. What you eat, what you drink, evening exercise, late-night brain stimulation (like watching TV or playing games), pets in the room, temperature, ambient noise and light, and who knows what else can each have a severe impact on how well you sleep. Supplements are only one piece of the puzzle, but the question is whether they can genuinely help to overcome those other elements…”

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