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Breast Cancer, Double Mastectomy, Ovary…

Large Breast Cancer Tumor, Double Mastectomy Recommended, Ovaries Removal Recommended, Hormone Therapy Recommended, Chemotherapy Recommended- HELP! From: Lori Subject: newly diagnosed breast cancer Hi

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Lobular Breast Cancer Treatment

“To conclude, a large body of evidence is accumulating suggesting that VitC, when administered intravenously and in high doses, has potent cancer-selective cytotoxic, cancer-therapy sensitizing and

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Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer

From: Žaneta  Subject: CANCER CONSULTATION Dear Mr. Emerson, I want to introduce myself. I am 24 year old girl and I come from Slovakia. My mother became ill with breast cancer (BC)  and I would like

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Newly diagnosed Breast Cancer/DCIS- Conventional, Non-Conventional Combined?

 My research and experience has taught me that both conventional (FDA approved) and evidence-based non-conventional therapies are needed to fully manage Breast Cancer Dear Cancer Coach: Recently diagnosed

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Ginger/Curcumin kill Breast Cancer Stem Cells Preventing Relapse?

“Breast Cancer stem cells (CSCs) pose a serious obstacle to cancer therapy as they can be responsible for poor prognosis and tumour relapse.” One of the most common cancer coaching questions

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Breast Cancer and… Heart Disease???

“It may seem like the ultimate insult, but having survived breast cancer can put you at higher risk of additional health problems later in life… The two most important things that all newly

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Nausea, Vaginal Issues- Non-Adherance to Breast Cancer

At six months among women with breast cancer who reported symptoms of nausea or vomiting, just over 40 per cent failed to adhere to their treatment…  I disagree with the premise of the article

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Chemo Brain – Breast Cancer

“Cognitive function affects a variety of adults with certain diseases or neurological problems. In particular, women who previously underwent chemotherapy for their breast cancer diagnosis have an

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Cancer Coaching Metastatic Breast Cancer- Is There Any Hope?

My interpretation of your email is that your mom’s breast cancer has metastasized (spread) to her liver. I agree that more toxic therapies will a) not help your mom and 2) make her sicker than she already

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Is “ChemoBrain” “Gray matter reduction” in Breast Cancer?

"This study is the first to use a prospective, longitudinal approach to document decreased brain gray matter density shortly after breast cancer chemotherapy and its course of recovery over time.

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Vitamin D3 Benefits Breast Cancer Big Time!

"High-dose vitamin D significantly reduced muscle and joint pain in breast cancer patients treated with the aromatase inhibitor anastrozole (Arimidex), results of a small, randomized clinical trial

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Stage l/ll Breast Cancer

CONCLUSION-Tamoxifen at 5 mg/d for 3 years can halve the recurrence of breast intraepithelial neoplasia with a limited toxicity, which provides a new treatment option in these disorders…” Dear

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