Ultrasound-Curcumin treatment kills cervical cancer

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The results showed enhanced necrosis in cervical cancer cell lines after combined treatment and confirmed the ultrasound capacity to increase effectiveness of curcumin.

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The study linked and excerpted below is an excellent example of integrative therapy. Evidence-based research supporting ultrasound enhancing a well-studied, non-toxic, inexpensive therapy to kill cervical cancer.

As a long-term survivor of an incurable cancer I understand the benefits of curcumin. Many multiple myeloma patients like me have been taking curcumin for years now. Numerous studies cite curcumin ability to kill MM cells too. With or without chemotherapy. But studies confirm curcumin’s ability to enhance the efficacy of certain chemotherapy regimens.

I take Life Extension’s Super Bio-curcumin. Studies show that this formulation of curcumin is more bioavailable than all other formulations of curcumin. Super Bio-Curcumin is well- reviewed on Amazon and is available through Amazon Prime (which I also recommend).

Please read the study below, order LE Super Bio-Curcumin and begin supplementing before you begin your ultrasound treatments. Start killing your cervical cancer immediately.

For more information about integrative therapies and cervical cancer, scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply ASAP.

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Combined ultrasound-curcumin treatment of human cervical cancer cells

“Objectives-Human papillomavirus (HPV) is associated with cervical cancer. Studies showed curcumin inhibits HPV oncogenes expression but curcumin has low bioavailability. The objectives were: (1) to study ultrasound enhancement of curcumin effects on HeLa, SiHa and C33A, (2) to compare two frequencies for sonoporation and (3) to detect cell-free DNA released by the treatment…

Results- Combined curcumin ultrasound resulted in 9-, 12- and 16-fold higher necrosis in HeLa, SiHa and C33A cells respectively. Increased necrosis correlated with higher ultrasound frequencies. There was increased apoptosis in HeLa or SiHa cells with the combined treatment. Curcumin alone resulted in a lesser 2–4-fold increase in necrosis in the groups. Cell-free DNA was detected in the spent media of HeLa and SiHa but not C33A cultures…

Conclusions- The results showed enhanced necrosis in cervical carcinoma cell lines after combined treatment and confirmed the ultrasound capacity to increase effectiveness of curcumin. Cancer cells were smaller post-treatment suggesting microtubule structural disruption. Cell-free DNA was low molecular weight consistent with lysed host cell.”

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