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Cryotherapy for Early Breast Cancer-Solution to Over Treatment

Many patients with breast cancer have relatively non-aggressive disease, but are overtreated,” especially older women… “The solution is to have a treatment option that provides a solution with

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Is “ChemoBrain” “Gray matter reduction” in Breast Cancer?

"This study is the first to use a prospective, longitudinal approach to document decreased brain gray matter density shortly after breast cancer chemotherapy and its course of recovery over time.

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Can Your Lumpectomy Spread Breast Cancer?

“Studies have shown a spike in breast cancer metastases 12 to 18 months after a lumpectomy or mastectomy.” Cancer Coach- My mother had DCIS in 2012 and had a lumpectomy along with radiation

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Chemo Brain Therapies in Breast Cancer

“Cognitive function affects a variety of adults with certain diseases or neurological problems. In particular, women who previously underwent chemotherapy for their breast cancer diagnosis have an

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Short-term Fasting Enhances Breast Cancer Chemotherapy, QOL

“…periodic fasting or fasting-mimicking diet techniques (short-term fasting) could become a tool in the arsenal to fight a variety of cancers.” At the outset, I must state that this blog

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Diet to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer, Reduce Risk of Relapse

Our results suggest a beneficial effect of a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil in the primary prevention of breast cancer (BC) You may fear a breast cancer diagnosis, you may

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Breast Cancer Integrative Therapy Plan

Breast Cancer Patients Can Look Beyond Conventional Therapies to Evidence-Based Integrative Therapies   Let’s be honest. Frequent, moderate exercise during your active cancer therapy for breast

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Mammography Does NOT Reduce Breast Cancer Mortality

“for each breast cancer death prevented, about three over-diagnosed cases will be identified and treated.” “MAMMOGRAMS SAVE LIVES” is often a rallying cry for many breast cancer

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Bromelain Enzyme Potent Anti-Breast Cancer Effect

“Autophagy-inducing property of bromelain can be further exploited in breast cancer (BC) therapy…Bromelain has been reported to promote apoptosis, particularly in breast cancer cells…” I

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Chemo For Breast Cancer? You Better Take these Antioxidants

Breast Cancer Patients, Consider My Mantra “If I Knew Then What I Know Now” Integrative Therapy to Enhance Chemo While Reducing Toxicity  For breast cancer patients the more chemo and radiation

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