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Myeloma Bone Pain- Cannabinoids, Opioids, Bone Health Therapies?

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My husband is in terrible bone pain as a result from his multiple myeloma and I am DESPERATE for help! Any hope, help or info you could provide me would be greatly appreciated

Dear Cancer Coach- My husband has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and nearly died from an unintentional overdose of too many prescribed medications for his bone pain yesterday.

He is only 49 years old and we have two young boys. I am fighting the biggest fight of our lives right now and I don’t know where to start. I am wondering if C-B-D oil can help.

My husband is in terrible pain and I am DESPERATE for help! Any hope, help or info you could provide me would be greatly appreciated. Ellen

Dear Ellen- I am sorry to read of your husband’s MM diagnosis and bone pain. First and foremost please understand that while multiple myeloma is considered an incurable blood cancer in the eyes of conventional oncology

  1. there is a long and growing list of conventional (FDA approved) MM therapies
  2. there is a long and growing list of evidence-based NON-conventional therapies and lastly
  3. at the age of 49, your husband is young as MMers go. This means his prognosis is good.

I will address several specific issues and then ask you some questions below.

1) Pain meds- cannabidiol aka C-B-D oil has been shown to help with cancer-induced bone pain. Your challenge will depend on the availability of C-B-D oil- what state do you live in? The C-B-D oil available on the Internet is made from industrial hemp with little or no cannabinoid content or T-H-C. This will not help your husband manage his pain.

2) Are you considering “induction” chemotherapy such as RVd (Revlimid, Velcade and Dexamethsone)? While I always caution against toxicity your husband’s pain should subside one his MM goes into remission.

Related issue- Is your husband feeling bone pain in his spine? Has he experienced any bone damage aka bone breaks? If so, he may want to consider local radiation to kill any/all lesions in his spine. Your oncologist should discuss this therapy with you.

I am both a MM survivor and MM Cancer Coach. I will email you the integrative therapies guide to your hotmail email address. Please consider integrative therapies to manage the side effects of chemo while enhancing the chemo’s efficacy.

Finally “hope.” Ellen, conventional oncology has gotten pretty good at putting MMers in to remission. The challenge is “overall survival.” As a MMer myself I have lived in complete remission since ’99 through evidence-based, non-toxic therapies such as nutrition, supplementation, etc. I believe your husband will achieve longer overall survival by combining conventional with non-conventional therapies.

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Hang in there,

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

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